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Aimee in Steve's Wonderland

(C. Wonder Cardigan, B.B. Dakota Dress, Steve Madden Grannie Boots)

My last outfit (first outfit here & second outfit here) for Steve Bring's It campaign is all about being dressy yet still practical for hosting a tea party. I'm wearing the perfect grannie boots that aren't so witchy but quite adorable. I love the shade of these boots and the ashy look of it gives it that extra patina.

For those who are thinking of hosting a party, here are my 5 party tips that I go by,

1. Variety of food. Even if it's a small tea party, cupcakes and cookies might be enough but there should still be some options as some of your guests might be vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant.
2. Seating. Encourage your guests to talk to strangers. Instead of seating people who already know each other together, try pairing guests who share similar interests next to each other. Placing place cards are also a great idea and lets guests know that you care.
3. Lighting. Lighting matters whether the tea party is held indoors or outdoors. My favorite type of lighting is candlelight. Everyone looks better with candlelight.
4. Self Service. Set up a self service bar so that guests don't have to wait for their drinks.
5. Games. Fun trivia questions related to your party theme, in this case Alice in Wonderland, can be a great way to entertain guests.